Teaching reviews

Students have consistently reviewed my teaching as engaging, inclusive, and encouraging. Some key quotes:

“Very enthusiastic contributor to the course. Effectively drew our attention to useful sources. Answered questions in a very relevant way. Thank you so much!”

“Stacy was great. Seminars really enhanced my understanding of the lecture content and grasp of issues discussed in the course in general.”

“Stacy is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Stacy was very approachable. Enjoyed discussions in tutorials. Very responsive on email when needed.”

“Stacy is awesome – she should get a pay rise for somehow making seminars engaging even though our class turned up like zombies every week, myself included.”

“I enjoyed this workshop so much! Thank you very much for everything. It was a pleasure being one of your students and it was an eye-opening/life-changing experience!”

Teaching supervisors have praised my approach, particularly in object-based learning and conveying overall module themes.

Recent reviews of my online lectures:

This was wonderful and fascinating and uplifting and I highly recommend to anyone with spare time who doesn’t fancy a standard Netflix binge. Wish I knew of more content like this 💜💜💜”

“The content is so pertinent today and Stacy’s delivers the material in a manner that is both understandable and entertaining. Very well tailored to the audience, very good at keeping people engaged, especially over video chat. Stacy’s presentation style is light hearted and informative and that felt really appropriate in the current circumstance. Yes I would recommend to other[s].”

“Great humour, super accessible, very interesting and a unusual topic. HIGHLY recommended”

“Stacy has an easy going style and a clear mastery of her information, but is confident enough to say when she doesn’t know an answer to a question. This makes her and her information very approachable.”

“I liked the stye of the presentation, it was very engaging because on top of the expected information there were little anecdotes and humourous bits that made it fun (despite being about death and bodies). Interesting visuals and it made me reflect more deeply on the meaning behind the different practices. I would definitely recommend it. Also appreciated her respectful manner (towards both the audience and the cultures being discussed).”

“I really enjoyed the academic and respectful discussion of the dead and our bodies – Stacy asserted that we should be able to talk about what happens to us after we die and not have the taboo that’s surrounded by ideas of gore and the macabre. But it also didn’t feel flippant and the cases were treated with respect. Stacy had clearly chosen to not show some images, so it wasn’t a blanket “it’s fine to show human remains and people should not be disturbed by it”. It was a very good balance.”

Stacy’s clear and varied presentation kept the whole process moving and felt like a great introduction to a number of ideas in bioarcheology. I would and I have already recommended it to others.”