Awesome Links

Here’s a list of blogs & sites by awesome people, some of whom I know personally, some of whom I know professionally, and some of whom I would like to meet:

Kristina Killgrove – Powered By Osteons (she also writes for Forbes)

John Hawks – johnhawks

Annemieke Milks – Sticks and Stones

Surfacefind – Old Stuff in Hot Places

Brenna Hassett & Co – Trowelblazers

Katie Hinde – Mammals Suck… Milk!

Holly Dunsworth – Various

Student Engagers – Student Engager Blog

All the authors at Sapiens

Dean – Dean’s Assorted Thoughts and Dancefloor Monologues

Jena Barchas-Lichtenstein – Jena BL

Samantha Yammine – Science Sam