About the Blog

I’ve kept a travel diary since I was a child. I love writing about my experiences, the people I meet, and the food I eat. More recently, I’ve started writing professionally for UCL Museums and submitting freelance work to other sites. I’m slowly adding all my typed journal entries (since 2008) to the blog page with the original date as the subject; once I get to my professional blog posts I’ll add links to the originals. Maybe one day I’ll scan my childhood journals (which are filled with artifacts like hotel soap wrappers and receipts in foreign languages).

Some of the early posts (titled with dates) are naive, come from a place of great privilege, and don’t reveal my best writing. I like to read over them to see how I’ve grown as a person, a writer, and an anthropologist. They aren’t meant to be serious critiques or publishable articles; just reflections on how my day was and new things I encountered for “the folks back home”. When pictures are included, I ensure that I have the permission of all photographed to share it publicly.

More recent posts – usually published elsewhere – retain their original titles and have a link to their original site. I’m also doing a weekly(ish) link roundup and occasional favourite quotes.