December 30 Link Roundup

Here’s a great list of “The Sixty Best Books by Women Every Man Should Read (But Could Always Ignore and Stick to Philip Roth)”. I’m looking forward to reading these!

Scientists with the WHO have developed a safe and effective vaccine for ebola virus disease! Slightly pales in comparison to the accomplishment of Donald Henderson, who led the WHO to eliminate smallpox by 1979 and died this August, but small steps!

What happens when you build a new home on the spot your family was murdered? (See also: my link a few weeks ago on how individuals killed in the Bosnian genocide are still being identified.)

Robert Jensen is a specialist in mass casualty situations where body parts and personal belongings need to be identified and returned to family members. CN: every graphic death you’re anxious about.

Anja Shortland explores the economics of kidnapping and ransom insurance; on the flip side, Eugene Soltes investigates the psychology of white-collar criminals. Apparently when you have lots of money, things get weird.

It’s possible in Japan to just disappear, usually out of shame. There are even companies that will help you do it.

pie has made it into space to celebrate the small British town of Wigan’s World Pie Eating Championship.

Finally, the best yearly roundup is out: Deadspin’s What Did We Get Stuck in Our Rectums Last Year? Please, friends, stay safe next year and don’t end up as some ER doc’s cocktail party tale of woe.


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