December 9 Link Roundup

Pantone has picked my favorite color as Color of the Year 2017. I’ve been prepared for this day for years.

Here’s a list of dystopian novels focusing on reproductive rights! Prepare to enter pregnancy body horror city.

Sexual fluidity is real, argues researcher Lisa Diamond. It is possible for one’s sexual orientation to change. I’ll write about this sometime. In the famous words of author Chuck Tingle, “all love is real for those who kiss”. He also said we should kiss planes because they are handsome, which – while an appropriate expression of object-based sexuality – might get one in trouble with airport authorities.

Here are 52 facts.

Four new elements have been named! They’re Nihonium (113), Moscovium (115), Tennesine (117), and Oganessen (118).

This adorable bird named Obi wore tiny goggles and flew through a laser so researchers could learn more about the airflow around wings.

My college friend Sarah, now a lawyer, has started a podcast exploring legal situations in fiction. The first episode is about Minority Report, which really violates the 4th Amendment.

The project to excavate and identify the dead from Bosnia’s war continues. Most are from mass graves.

The Philippines has seen 3500 homicides since July 1 of this year, many of which are extrajudicial executions in response to President Duterte’s war on drugs. One photojournalist captured 41 murder scenes. (Content note: graphic photos of murders)

Here’s a fascinating article about a dating sites for Truthers, people who believe conspiracy theories about 9/11, Sandy Hook, and vaccines. Turns out they want love just like the sheeple. It also has a handy link to a site proving that yes, planes do leave behind harmless contrails, although Truthers aren’t likely to be any more convinced by that than they were by Obama’s birth certificate.

Once again, more research shows that giving poor people money is more effective than giving them goods and services: it allows them to make their own choices, and those choices are usually good. (Speaking of which: if you’re in the UK, you can now download an app to help St Mungo’s find people sleeping rough and provide assistance.)

Anthropologist Barbara King considers the evidence for Neanderthal religion.


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