October 14 Link Roundup

Today is my birthday as well as the 69th anniversary of supersonic flight!

News: Here’s what happened each year during Obama’s terms.

Psychology: How is schizophrenia treated differently in more collective societies?

Biology: One researcher argues that humans have a maximum lifespan of 115 years (with very rare exceptions) after examining statistics of aging populations. Others disagree. Skeletally, it’s all downhill after 25…

So many people are dying of heroin overdoses that there’s an organ boom. Unintended consequences!

Computers: A programmer created a bot that emulated her deceased friend. She and other friends interact with the bot and describe it as very accurate. Most of my deceased friends still have Facebook accounts (memory pages), and every time I get an update like “It’s X’s birthday! Let him know you’re thinking of him” I really don’t know how to react. It’s very different from, say, finding a card my grandmother wrote me, because it’s in the present and Facebook is suggesting opening lines of communication that I can’t handle. Mourning is complicated!



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