September 28 Link Roundup

A giant inflatable duck in Glasgow takes a journey!

The Museum of London discusses how they select objects for a handling table.

Faking your own death: a flowchart.

More on the ethics of driverless cars, although this time with a data-sharing argument.

Small talk should be banned and new social conventions for deep conversation should replace it, argues this dinner party host:

By establishing a common rule for behaviour we created an environment with a new set of social norms that redefined peoples’ best interests. And everyone was happier. As added proof, two dates came out of the evening. Perhaps meaningful conversation also makes us more attractive?

A horrifying photo and accompanying essay about the Belgian practice of cutting off the hands of rubber workers who didn’t meet their quota.

My colleague Gabe Moshenska has a content warning for his class on archaeology of warfare, and the Daily Mail is deeply unhappy about it.

The Americas are now measles-free! That doesn’t mean we can stop vaccinating any time soon, though — international travel could bring it back and harm those who can’t have vaccines.

Jigsaw shows all of Google’s awesome projects, including some that help re-route internet users in restrictive countries, protect journalists from hacks, and which Syrian officials support which side in the conflict.

I’m off to PrimTech this weekend – it’s UCL’s award-winning course for first-year archaeology students to learn bushcraft, pottery-making, flint-knapping, yurt-building, wood-working, etc. I’m teaching foraging and hoping not to make anyone too ill; on the menu this year (based on last year’s reconnaissance) are hawthorn ketchup, nettle stir-fry, and rosehip syrup. I think this is the most en-dashes I’ve ever used in one paragraph!

Teaching kids not to eat under-ripe berries.

Teaching kids not to eat under-ripe berries.



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