September 16 Link Roundup

Monday’s xkcd is a great infographic/timeline of climate change.

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat, featuring some immoral scientific practices, and a good example of “why research should be supported by public funding rather than depending on industry funding.”

Harvard researchers have filmed bacteria evolving antibiotic resistance on a huge plate.

Kristina Killgrove, writing for Forbes, traces the origins of the tooth fairy to postwar capitalism:

“The market system,” Tuleja writes, “cannot function without the continued surrender of hoarded goods: free exchange is its lifeblood.”  Parents are teaching their children about monetization and the free market when they exchange a tooth for money.

There have been sightings of creepy clowns in the Carolinas, and this reporter is crazy happy to write about it.

This twee newsreel about Burning Man in the 90s. Worth it to see a newscaster say the words “a proto-apocalyptic hippie neo-pagan freak fest”.

“Some people believe that Burning Man is the physical manifestation of the internet – a kaleidoscopic, no-holds barred communal experiment. And just as the internet is interactive, so is Burning Man.”

Melanie Martin critiques the Open Syllabus Project’s evolutionary anthropology list, and has started her own google doc open to contributions.

Stop kissing chickens now.Stop kissing chickens now.

Researchers weigh in on whether Neanderthals and modern humans could have fallen in love, featuring this fantastic fact:

“You see, most primates, and indeed many mammals, have at least some spines on their penises,” Hawks explains on his website. “‘Spine’ means more or less what you would expect: little projections that are covered in hard material, generally keratin, curving toward the base of the penis. These spines are sometimes called ‘horny papillae.’”

Like humans, Neanderthals were missing the genes that codes for spiny penises.


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