June 27, 2010

Norway: “It was amazing when we rode dugout canoes and got to meet the Amazonian natives.”

(Actual quote from someone on a National Geographic tour. ACTUAL QUOTE.)

We are now in Copenhagen after a visit to Bergen, Norway. I will attempt to write about Bergen as quickly as I can on this shared computer which other guests are waiting to use.

Bergen’s airport is teeny-tiny. One would guess, then, that Bergen is similarly small, but it is bigger than one expects. It actually had a fair number of museums, which we didn’t get to see because they are only open from 10-4, and there are only so many you can do in that time. (We did four today from 10-5, heh heh.)

On Torsday we started out at the medieval king’s hall, Håkon’s Hall (built by Håkon Håkonsson, which sounds more like a cough than real words). It was buuilt in 1260, and has since burned down a few times and was blown up by a stray German ammunition ship in WWII. It was quite large insuide, and is currently used for local government functions. Afterwards we saw Rosencrantz Tower, which was remodeled over the last eight centuries but is still quite drafty with terribly steep stairs. Bergen was famously raining all day Thursday.

Friday we took a fjord tour, which I will write about later as these people are very patiently waiting.



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