June 2, 2009

Athens, Day 68: “Is magic.”

I asked Yanna today about why the Greeks only like Greek food, as she’s our best place to get answers for cultural questions. She says it’s because a) it’s the best, b) nobody trusts any other kind of food, and c) putting an ethnic name on somewhere is often just an excuse to have overpriced food. Then another woman in the office butted in and said, “You don’t understand – Greek food is not just food. Is not just for eating. Is good for everything – like medicine, good for health, good for living.” She continued to expound on this – they all believe that food is as much for he soul as for the mouth. If so, oregano must be some kind of Panacea (who, by the way, was one of the daughters of Asklepios along with Hygeia).

Currency: 1.43 dollars/euro

Weather: low 80s, breezy (sometimes)


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