July 9, 2008

Megiddo, Day 4 – “It’s ok, the smart people in Tel Aviv can put it back together”

Parth has to work in the lab until at least Sunday so his eye doesn’t get infected, so I went to work with Melissa and Phillipe again. I pickaxed a trench all the way from north to south – it’s 4 meters by 1 meter by 10 cm. Pretty awesome. This was to Phillipe’s cry of “Yalla makoush!” (Go, pickaxe!) At the very end, as I was  clearing out the second-to-last bucket of dirt for the day and found that I had smashed through a piece of (probably) Assyrian pottery. A nice, mostly-intact one. Oops.

It was really hot today. Instead of napping I went to the pool and finished “Atonement”. I also got to see pottery reading, where they decide which pieces of pottery to keep.

There’s a sign floating around that says “Buy your Megiddo souvenirs here”. Somehow it ended up in front of our area, and I set it upright as a joke. Turns out some tourists actually came by and attempted to buy souvenirs from Norma at the desk. At break we joked about letting them actually pay them – support a digger, support a digger’s beer habit, sponsor a square. There could be the “Cohen family bar mitzvah honorary sqaure E4” or something. Or not really, because signs would get in the way of the digging.

Trying to get to Jerusalem tomorrow or Friday.


Looking fierce. Yalla makoush!


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