July 5, 2008

Megiddo, Arrival

So, in order to give the film set its due, I will save writing about it for another day. Instead I’ll focus on the last week.

We arrived in Tel Aviv last Saturday – Nomi picked us up and we went out to Big Itzik, a typical israeli restaurant where they serve little bowls of different kinds of salad. Of course, I had a kebab. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday we went to the beach, briefly punctuated by bouts of delicious food and the Carmel Market, which sells everything one might need for life, but in a much more appetizing form than a Wal-Mart. We had fresh fresh watermelon and fruit, lavash baked in front of me on a stone, and (at a restaurant called Suzana in Neve Tzedek) onion stuffed with veal on a bed of saffron rice and cornish hen stuffed with couscous and dried fruit. I was tanning pretty well until I burned on Tuesday on my stomach. Wednesday we decided to go to Jerusalem. Just as we arrived, we found out some guy in a tractor rolled over a bus. Everyone thought it was a terrorist act, but now I think the current opinion is that he was some sort of crazy drug addict. We still spent the day there, going to the Kotel, the new Mamillah shopping center, and the Archaeological Park. We ate lunch at my favorite shwarma stand on Ben Yehuda and dinner at a pizza place, Focaccia. (Everything was so delicious.) Thursday we went to the Diaspora Museum on TA University campus. The campus, although it was nicely spaced out with trees and lawns and things, looks like every building is the awful lovechild of the Reg and Cumings. We ate lunch at the Physics Building Cafeteria and Mom took every opportunity to tell me I should do a year there because look at all the cute Israeli boys. Afterwards we went back to the beach and Neve Tzedek (Suzana for dinner again). Apparently there was some sort of city-wide party called White Night where all the discos were half-price. We heard the music from a beach concert, but otherwise missed the whole thing.

Friday we started the day early with a tour of the Tel Aviv Bauhaus buildings. Afterwards, back to the beach, where I got sun poisoning even though I was in the shade 90% of the time. Friday night we went to an AMAZING restaurant in Jaffa called Bistro Noa where I had unbelievable sweet potato ravioli. Then we went to Mayumana, a Stomp-type concert in Jaffa. We tried to find wifi to find out where to meet the bus to Megiddo, and ended up in a dive bar where someone tried to “help” me with internet. He asked if Mom and I were friends and I told him no, she’s my mom. “Well,” he said,” Then I can not hit on you because you are with your mother.” Oy vey. Eventually we figured it out on our own.

This morning we went to the pool (my sun poisoning appears to be gone) and then met the bus to Megiddo. There’s a kid from Chicago here, Joey Brown. The bus ride was about an hour, not incluing the stop at a mall for lunch. I haven’t explored the kibbutz yet, but I’m in a room the size of Lee’s (now mine) with four other college girls from Chicago (but she’s at Michigan), Michigan (at State), and DC (at Penn?). As I was trying to lug my duffel to the room, I heard a “Can I help you with your luggage?” in a voice that seemed to belong to Wesley from Princess Bride. Turns out to be a tall blond adorable Brit who introduced himself as Hugo. Carried my luggage into my room.

I have another two hours to fill before dinner. Waking up at 4 tomorrow…



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