July 31, 2008

Megiddo, Day 20 – Fin

The last day! The party last night was fun – they had dinner (falafel – luckily I had pizza bites beforehand) at the pub and free wine. There was lots of dancing (American music, to the annoyance of the Israelis) and I’ve never heard more rumors going around than this morning. (“People are saying I hooked up with Finkelstein’s daughter??? I’ll never be invited back! That’s like the Holy Grail of WRONG!”) I got back to the room at 12:30, and the room-mates came back somewhat later. People showed up to the tel this morning either hungover or, even better, still drunk (better because at least they were chipper). We brushed the sandbags and the squares and then the ground around the area… SO THE BALLOON COULD PHOTOGRAPH IT. Seriously, balloon photography. So cool. After that we just carried things down and waited around for breakfast. We concluded with a tel tour and an explanation of what was going on in the areas. This was quite enlightening, as I’d never actually been told what we were digging up. However, partway through, I was just sitting and listening when I was struck with an immense wave of homesickness. I told Hugo, “We’re done digging. Everything’s closed up. Why are we still here? I don’t want to be traveling home. I just want to be home, in my own room, with my own room, with my cat, and have someone bring me tea.” And he agreed. I know I’ll miss digging, and Israel, and the atmosphere, and the people, and everything, but right now I just feel like we’re waiting. And I’ll be waiting for the next 11 hours. And then the next 13, and then more until I can finally have my Cheeseburger in Paradise burger. I could have probably have done 7 weeks if the dates had worked out, or another few weeks after this, but now that we’re done… it’s done. We all want to go home now. Then I can post all my pictures on facebook.



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