July 29, 2008

Megiddo, Day 18 – “I just like… to destroy things.”

I’ve been ridiculously busy, so hence no updates. Saturday night we went to Zichron Yakov for dinner (Adam drove this time) – we found a place called Cafe Motek, which was sort of the restaurant form of CuteOverload.com. I had a lasagna and for dessert shared a “Chocolate Fun” with Sara. Hugo also picked a really good white wine to go with dinner. At dinner I realized I had accidentally locked the door to my room and that none of the room-mates had a key. We got lost coming back and of course I was worried that they would get there before me and have to wait. I figured Janna had my phone number, so she’s call if they were standing outside. I got back and saw Scott in he parking lot, so I thought was in time – when I got to the room, they were already inside. Turns out Janna had left her phone in the room and therefore couldn’t call me. Instead, they had sat outside for 40 minutes, pounding on the door, then searched the wifi room, the canteen, the pub, and everyone else’s room looking for me. They finally found Norma, who called the office manager, who came with the key he had taken from us two weeks ago to make a copy so we would have four keys. Well, we’re back to our original three now.

Sunday Nomi came to visit. She and Bini and their friends saw Area Q, then took me for lunch in Nazareth. It was one of those multi-salad places, but for the main course we had a leg of lamb. It was so young and tender it didn’t even smell like lamb, and there was so much left I took it home. It fed me, my room-mates, and Joey for the next two dinners.

Today was supposed to be the last day of digging (the next two are cleaning and photographing), but we’ll probably keep going since we finally found some architecture today. In the early morning we went to lower J (aka J-Lo) to help them throw some rocks down a hill and clean up for pictures. Sara said I reminded her of Petrie from the Land Before Time.

We dug frantically, probably removing a cubic meter or so. (At least it felt like that.) Since none of the other squares were digging, we had the four of us plus Joey to run the wheelbarrow plus Noga (one of Ussishkin’s granchildren) to entertain us. (Amy says we have permission to bring music tomorrow while we sweep dust off things!) I felt like i earned my two plates of couscous at lunch today.

I took a shower and then fell straight asleep. I woke up and saw my watch said 4:00. I assumed it was am, and couldn’t remember what I’d had for dinner, what the lecture was about, why I was still in my clothes, and why I couldn’t remember anything. I seriously thought I was having retrograde amnesia. Then I saw the beams of sunlight through the window and realized it was 4 pm, time for pottery washing. Oops.

We took the exam yesterday – it was ridiculously easy. I think I only got one question wrong – the one about the location of the Picture Pavement (it’s in J, not M). The questions were actually based on things we should have heard around the site, not what was in the lectures; however, they’d never taken us to J-Lo and thus I thought it was from a previous season.

My thumb still hurts. I pickaxed today anyway.


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