July 26, 2008

I think it’s a word in LOL

Today I did absolutely nothing. I woke up at 9:30 (10 hours of sleep!) and decided not to go with my room-mates to Akko. Instead I read, checked the interweb, then went to the canteen and bought lunch supplies. I figured I could make frozen ravioli in the microwave by boiling water, then putting the pasta in the water in the microwave for 10 minutes. Voila! Lunch. I ate it outside the wi-fi room with Sara and Hugo and then we watched various national anthems and Europop songs on youtube. Then we played a 3-hour game of Scrabble. Later we might go out to dinner.

There was a theft yesterday – someone broke into three of the rooms below ours and took a laptop, a cellphone, a wallet, and some credit cards. We are now vigilant about locking the door. It’s sad because everything feels so happy and safe here. We’re also glad they didn’t take the laptop that all the information about Area K on it, because that would mean all the data for the season would be completely lost.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I met Mario’s wife. Mario is the Austro-Italian supervisor of K, but he also speaks Hebrew really well. Turns out his wife is Israeli – they met on a dig in Jaffa 9 years ago. So they’re another Cute Archaeological Couple. I also got to play with Dumpy last night – he was taken to the vet, who said he was fine, he just shouldn’t stay out in the heat. He’s ridiculously cute. I can hold him in one hand and he licked my fingers (probably because they tasted like chicken). Also, the entire Finkelstein family is here – his two daughters (Sarai, 13, and Hadar, 17) are digging, as are their cousins from France (Sarah, 17, and Simon, 15), both of whom play the guitar. Thus we have even more of a French club here. (Whenever I hear them speak, I keep thinking that French sounds very sarcastic.) They all live in the room next to me and all have guitars.


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