July 24, 2008

Megiddo, Day 14 – Toilets on the move!

I woke up this morning feeling miserable and with a hurting hand. I can grip small things, but anything that involves a partially open palm is difficult. I asked Amy, who’s an athletic trainer, and she says it looks like a contracted ligament and I should ice and try to move it. I worked until breakfast with my left hand, but then decided to sit out and help with registration. I wrote tags, but otherwise did basically nothing until the end of the day, when I drew a map of the old square and Melissa found a cracked but in situ cooking pot. There was much activity, many artifacts found in the last five minutes, and then the end of week 3. (Part of the activity was Ian jumping up and yelling, “the toilets are on the move!” as the trailer took the port-o-potties away. However, we couldn’t see the trailer, so it was sort of like they were moving on their own like weapons of the army of darkness or something. We decided it actually would be Armageddon if one of them flipped over because the smell is so horrible – they’ve sat there for three weeks now, and in the afternoons it can get up to 120 degrees inside. (It’s best not to drink water in the afternoon just to avoid having to go.))

We’re going to Ein Gedi today in order to do Masada in the morning, then the Dead Sea and Qumran. We’ll be back tomorrow evening, and maybe go out somewhere else on Saturday. We’re renting cars – I’ve made sure to save a seat in James’ car, as he is old and responsible, instead of Kat, who, although she is smarter than she looks, smokes hookah constantly and was afraid to go pick up the car on her own. I think I also have Rachel, Janna, Hugo, and Sara in my car. (Sara’s bringing her Scrabble set, too.)


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