July 17, 2008

Megiddo, Day 10 – You can sit on it in so many ways!


Rock sofa

Here I am a a rolled roly-poly and then slightly unrolled. The third is me taking a nap on the rock sofa (or possible sacrificial altar, but also possibly just a rock).

We found no artifacts today, but still took the square down 10 cm on the west side. We found a rock we suggested was part of the collapsed city wall, but Finkelstein nixed it. They might close our square, which would be sad because I may not be placed in a new square with Melissa and Phillipe (although sometimes Phillipe runs away to smash rocks. Apparently he prefers Asterix to Tintin because “it represents the Gallic culture,” but I think it’s because of Obelix and his monoliths).

In the afternoon we went to Bet She’an, which was amazing but ridiculously hot. My hands swelled like they do on the CTA sometimes and I got sweat in my eyes. We climbed to the top of the tel and had a great view of Jordan. I thought it was really interesting that the Romans built a whole separate city beside the tel instead of on top of it. (Although really there isn’t much room on the top.)

Afterwards we went to dinner at a Big Itzik-style restaurant. Much better than the kibbutz food. Tomorrow there is no food on the kibbutz so we’re grilling after the field trip.


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