July 16, 2008

Megiddo, Day 9 – “It’s a special zig-zag pickaxe; it goes at 45 degrees”

There’s a prison probably a mile away from the site, visible from our square. The prisoners wake up at 7 – we can hear the bells ding. Today there was an exchange of some (Hezbollah) prisoners for some Israeli soldiers (and bodies) held in Lebanon. The bells were going pretty much every hour today and yesterday, and there was much helicopter activity.

We didn’t find anything even though we sifted under where we found the beads and the faience. We’re quickly turning into a swimming pool (a square that has no architecture), complete with a diving board and an island. It’s quite deep though – we’re making some kind of progress. I fear we may be in the courtyard of the room found on square east of us.

All the pottery we found today and yesterday will be sent to Tel Aviv for restoration.

We think Phillipe and Sascha are room-mates. It’s cute to see which of the actual archaeologists live together on the kibbutz. (Phillipe, I found out, lives in Switzerland but spent three years teaching Biblical archaeology in Beirut. We discussed Akkadian textbooks today and how I had such difficulty because all the good ones are in French and German.) I know Deborah and Norma live together next door to me.

In case you were wondering about my other squaremate, Melissa is going to be a second-year at GWU, majoring in biological anthropology and plans to be a medical anthropologist. We always have lots to talk about in this field. She also sails and knows the same rock climbing knots as I do, but by all their sailing names. (To Dad: sailboats can’t actually sail into the wind. The do a 45-degree zigzag. Apparently only the best sailboats can do this; the rest make more obtuse angles and it takes them much longer to go upwind.)

The lecture tonight is on women’s domestic rituals.


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