July 15, 2008

Megiddo, Day 8

Today we found a humerus (of a sheep, probably), pieces of a sheep skull with fusion lines, a shell with two holes drilled in it, a burned cooking pot near a pile of ash, and a bit of faience. Not much else exciting. Will was out sick today so Parth went to work in his square. Melissa, Phillipe, and I took everything down another 8 cm or so, then mapped it all. We also took a tour of Area K, which is a giant trench into the side of a hill.

I took the first shower back from lunch and then took a nap.

I appear to have a blister on the inside of my left ring finger…? I’ll have to tape it tomorrow.

We have a lecture on flotation now.

I played a game of chess with Ussishkin’s 10-year-old grandson. He beat me. I also learned the names of the pieces in Hebrew, which was worth the losing to a 10-year-old. (He was pretty good though.)


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