July 14, 2008

Megiddo, Day 7 – The Pottery Liberation Front



Parth’s eye is healed enough to rejoin us, creating a rather tight space. I did lots of wheelbarrowing, but then declared that he could not usurp my pickaxe from me and promptly took it back. Area K has a pirate flag outside their tent. Tomorrow we will attempt to steal it at breakfast and hang it up outside Area H to make it look like they did it. Also, every time K has a sing-along, we plan to sling scorpions at them, as K has an overload of area unity. Not that we don’t, we just don’t express it in song.

After lunch I sat at the pool and then took a nap. The 6.00 lecture was actually a pottery restoration activity. I managed to fit two pieces together, but that was all. Imagine a model airplane kit with no instructions, no picture of “completed model”, 9/10 of the pieces missing, and the rest with broken, rough, and indistinguishable edges, and you’ll have some idea of what it’s like. Oh yeah, and it might actually be a model boat, or possibly the two boxes were mixed together and then some of the model helicopter mixed in.

I’m attempting to upload some photos to facebook, but the connection is slow. Phillipe has promised to email me the bead pictures since I didn’t have my camera that day – I might post those here when I get them.


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